Audrey Landers, gold and platinum recording artist and actress ( Afton Cooper in TV series Dallas ) and sister accomplished actress, Judy Landers (several TV series Vegas, LA Law, Happy Days, Love Boat ) celebrate introducing The Beer Machine on TV in Los Angeles.

"Hey I've really enjoyed the first few rounds of the Beer Machine, it has produced some great quality beers for my buddies and I to enjoy. I was going to start branching out from American based beers to some more foreign styles and have had some trouble choosing. I've really enjoyed my Beer Machine for the past year of owning it and look forward to future home brews for great times."

By: Stephen Patek


"I have just recently purchased one of your beer kits from Costco in Surrey. I have tried making beer with other methods and have had varying degrees of success not entirely satisfactory. I started with your brown ale and after only 10 days with very limited work involved and no bottleing at all (the part I hate) I am enjoying trumendous beer!!"

By: Mike Kaye



People Magazine featured The Beer Machine to hundreds of thousands of People magazine readers as the perfect Father’s Day gift for beer drinking Dads.

"Hi All. We have the beer machine, love it, and are considering ordering the Irish Stout Mix. Some of the other mixes include defoamer discs and CO2 cartridges. Are they included with the stout mix? If not, would they be needed, and have to be ordered separately?"

By: Ken Eidinger


"My friends are just learning of my Beer Machine and already one has ordered his own and another is asking (begging) his wife for one for "Father's Day." Shortly after I bought my Beer Machine, you sent me an ad to buy a second machine for a reduced price. Is that offer still available? If so, could you send me the necessary information. It would be nice to have one brewing while drinking the other."

By: Tom Buckmiller



Major department stores saw that Father’s Day was so successful that it was only natural that Oktoberfest celebrations and Christmas would also make Santa Claus’s work really easy.

"My wife got the beer machine for me for Christmas last year and it was one of the best gifts I have ever received. I love brewing my own beer and watching the pressure gauge as it ferments. The beer tastes great and saves me a ton of money compared to buying from the grocery store. This is some good innovation. I was surprised how easy the beer machine made the process. I'm going to order some golden lager right now. Thanks again."

By: Jonathan Kalton


"On Christmas day I opened a gift from my wife, it was one of the best gifts I got that day. It was my new bear machine, it was great! And like the lady said at Costco, where my wife bought my great gift, I had my first batch of beer in seven to ten days. It was great for superbowl Sunday and just sitting around on a Saturday night with the guys. And I would like to thank Terrence for all the update on all the options available to me."

By: Dan Bartley

Ajax, Ontario


Micro Breweries were growing steadily across America. Beer consumers were beginning to realize alternatives and that independence really was possible from the same old tasteless big brand beers. Local and Fresh became the rule to seek and support. USA Today featured The Beer Machine from coast to coast for Independence Day USA 1996.

"Thank you for sending me the replacement part - I've made my first batch, and the beer machine worked great and the beer tastes great. I appreciate the way you handled my situation quickly, courteously, and with professionalism. The Beer Machine is definitely the best present I've received in years. Thanks again,"

By: David C. Fletcher


"We tried other mixes until we found one we liked the best, mind you we have not tried them all yet, but who knows, give us time. We found Our Mix, a matter of fact we liked it so much we purchased one more beer machine so we have "Draft On Tap" all the time."

By: Irmgard Berchtold

Ladysmith, British Columbia


CBS Eyewitness News investigative reporters for the networks TV show “Can You Believe IT? “ – a popular news magazine segment that challenges advertising messages saw The Beer Machine’s claim of fresh, naturally brewed, premium tasting beers in just 7 – 10 days and decided they would test those claims and report “ if you can believe it !”

"You people are awesome. It's great to know there are still companies out there that really care about their customers. A special thanks to Dawn for her help and politeness. After two years of mishaps I finally have a great batch of home brew I'm currently enjoying. The new co2 unit did the trick - no pressure leak anymore! Thanks again."

By: Steve Deckert


"I was a bit leery in the belief of a product that would be tasty, enjoyable, and equivalent to market brands. Around mid January I decided to put a batch together. I wasn't too sure if it would turn out as well as described, I probably didn't do exactly as I should have but much to my surprise it turned out excellent. I'm in my fifties and can truthfully say I've tasted quite a few brands and I can rate this product up there with the best."

By: Dan Chretien

North Bay, Ontario


All About Beer magazine did a review on The Beer Machine and concluded that beer consumers can have the power of a 2 million dollar micro brewery in their home with The Beer Machine. Playboy magazine published a full page describing The Beer Machines features and benefits.

"Sharon thanks for the prompt response. We are enjoying our first batch and it is great! Can I order another box of co2 cartridges? I used 3 sealing up the tank. Just use the credit card # from the initial order as I am sure we will be ordering a lot more products. Thanks for a GREAT product."

By: John Meyers


"I started my first batch a-brewing, I chose the brown ale as my practice batch and bravely invited two other couples over for a sample tasting with pizza, after our senior's curling game on January 20th, 1999. We won the curling match, the pizza was good and the ale was thoroughly examined, sampled, taste tested, enjoyed and praised by all six of us - even the female species who do not usually rank beer high on their list of favorite beverages."

By: David J. Fretwell



Beer Consumers live all over the world and distributors in many countries began to import The Beer Machine and Beer Mixes for their countries beer lovers who also appreciated the value of great beers at incredible inexpensive cost. France although famous for fine wines and refined taste also enjoys great tasting beers.

"Thanks for the response. The beer machine held pressure fine and stayed at about ten psi during fermentation. I put it in the fridge after 5 days when it tasted like beer. I also did a pressure test before and put water on the PRV after. So I must have brewed it at to high of a temp thanks for the info. I'm sure my batches will improve each time. I can't stress enough how happy I am with your customer service I'm trying to get all my friends to buy beer machines."

By: Michael Becker


"It is now three weeks later and I have made a brew of American Brown Ale, it is delicious. I have just finished filling the Beer Machine with the Dutch Lager mix. I will say I am totally pleased with the past results from the Beer Machine, what I need is a second Beer Machine."

By: Syman Quinnr



Beer Consumers in Kiev and Russia love the Beer Machine. Sorry, their letters do not make much reading but their advertising tells a story and this video also.

"I had a problem with my carbonation unit so I called the 800 number. I was immediately connected with a guy who told me exactly what the problem could be and what to do to fix it. Worked like a charm! I wish I remembered his name so I could give him kudos .. maybe you know who it was, anyway, I am very grateful for his help. We had a good conversation about beer making and the benefits of the beer machine. I think it is important to provide feedback, especially good feedback. Thanks for the help."

By: Baydon Smith


"I have taken on the responsibility for writing this letter to let you know how impressed I am by your wonderful machine. I have named mine as I look on it as part of the family now. The God I Call KEG, sits in my basement fridge waiting for consumption every night when I get home from work."

By: Heather Law



From Saint Petersburg to Lithuania sports enthusiasts cheer on The Beer Machine local distributors racing car.

"Received your beer machine 10 days ago. Just poured my first couple of drafts of my first attempt at ever making my own beer. Your claims of outstanding beer are incredibly true!!! Took me less than an hour to make my first batch, and it is fantastic!! Can't wait to make my next batch, using the Canadian red ale. Definitely will be telling all my friends about your product! Thanks!"

By: Chris Adams


"I think the Beer Machine is Great. I live on an island and when the gang drops in, as in a small community we do, it's great to have a tasty cold beer on tap. Getting to the store isn't always an option, so when the unexpected but welcome guests arrive I'm always prepared. The beer is quick + easy to make and tastes great! Thanks guys + gals!"

By: Skip Milan

Whaletown, British Columbia


The Beer Machine becomes popular in Israel and also surrounding countries. The Beer Machine makes enjoying Beer at home easy especially when it is difficult to find in stores. Beer has a long history of being the beverage with a language of universal understanding.

"My wife purchased the Beer Machine for my Birthday and I have just finished the last of my first batch and have set the second for fermentation. I have good news and bad news, First I really found the Pilsner delightfull, non bloating with a supreme flavor. I was looking forward to enjoying each and every drop but my wife, the non beer drinker, also found the Pilsner quite tastefull so now I must share. Perhaps the lager and/or ale will not be as appealing to her."

By: William R Cooper Jr.

Ft Worth, Texas

"We brewed our first batch in the beer machine and were surprised. It was so good and smooth that my wife, who doesn't like beer, loved it. I have bragged on this at work and inspired other to try it or to admit they have one. In our office of five people, three own Beer Machines!!!! we will soon be buying another bber machine so that we will never run dry! THANKS!!!!!"

By: Regan Hallford