Beer Machine

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Beer Machine




  • Includes Brewer's Select Beer Mix and Brewer Yeast
  • Makes 2.6 US Gallons - Equal to 28 bottles - In each Batch
  • Carbonation Unit uses Standard 8 gram CO2 Cartridges(3 included) available from Amazon or Wal-Mart

The Beer Machine Premier is the only “All In One” beer making system that brews your craft beers as easy as:

  1. Add water and the Beer Mix to The Beer Machine.
  2. After 4 days, move the Beer Machine to the fridge.
  3. Wait 3 days for your craft beer to condition and clarify - then enjoy!

Compared to hours of preparation with most systems, the Beer Machine Premier is ready to ferment in literally minutes. Combine water, Beer Mix and the included brewer's yeast in The Beer Machine. The Beer Machine is more than a container. It is a machine that is engineered to perform all the brewing functions not separately like most systems but at the same time. Because it is an air tight system, it retains natural carbonation from the fermentation. It also includes a carbonation and dispensing system for conditioning the draft beer without needing to bottle.